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In accordance with the USOAP development we now work closely in developing State Safety Programmes (SSP’s), Continuous Management Approach (CMA) programmes, continuous improvement programmes, and integrated management systems development for ICAO States and Aviation Regulators. We have dedicated consultants currently working on a number of these projects worldwide.

Aviation Safety and Security

Aviation Analysts International (AAI) offers aviation consultancy covering all types of aviation security measures. We analyse the protection level of airports, passenger safety and airport screening. We provide guidance and advice to airport operators and airlines. Safety and Security is the cornerstone of Aviation and Aviation Analysts International offers a strategic and systems based approach to develop best operational practices.

Airport Operations and Ground Handling

We can provide solutions to your ground handling and flight operations requirements. Our team has a wide range of experience in setting up ground handling organization, FBO’s and Operations Control Centres. Our experienced consultants will advise on what is the best and most cost effective solution to any ground handling or Flight Operations challenges you may have.

Governments, ICAO and IATA

Aviation Analysts International (AAI) has advised senior government ministers their officials and representatives. We have written numerous papers and articles, undertaken studies, surveys and completed analysis for various government and commercial transport organization and agencies.
Aviation Analysts International has represented and advised member States at the ICAO General Assembly and been commissioned by national, regional, and international companies, organization, regulators, Airports, Governments and their agencies, and military and defence organization around the world. We are an approved service provider to a number of agencies and multinational organization.

Document Control Management and Manual Development

Aviation Analysts International has the ability to prepare, create and amend your complete suite of documents and manuals. At our disposal we can call on experienced Technical Writers that will develop documents for Maintenance Organisations, Flight and Ground Operations or Regulatory Authorities. We can ensure that your document control system is developed to best industry standards.

Aviation Auditing

Aviation Analysts International (AAI) have a team of qualified auditors ready to conduct Internal, External, Compliance, SMS and QMS audits for any aviation or associated organization. These can be part audits or a full company audit as well as third party organization. We advise on how to set up audit programmers so your organization can then have the ability to self-audit. AAI has successfully completed many audits over numerous divisions of the aviation industry.

Aviation Cyber Security

Aviation Analysts International (AAI) has a team of IT Cyber Security specialists ready to identify and fix your cyber security vulnerabilities and implement mitigating strategies. We have a 4 point system of Prevention, Detection, Reaction, and Compliance based on ICAO Aviation Cyber Security protocols and beyond.

It is essential in today’s ever changing information technology world that your systems have up to date security measures in place to mitigate data breaches. AAI is well placed at the forefront of information technology to assist.

Other services

  • Corporate Structure and Process Review
  • Disaster Assessment, Response and Relief
  • Tender Submissions
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Senior Executive and Ministerial Briefings
  • Systems Development, Reviews and Integration
  • Human Resource Planning and Implementation
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