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How Airport Security Operates in Real Life

Airport Security is one of the strongest security arrangements in the world and whenever we talk about the security of passengers, Airport level security is often referred to as a proverb. 

But how is aviation safety, and security maintained? What are the various stages of airport security? This is what leading global aviation Services providers have to say.  

The Boundary Perimeter 

Often considered as the first line of defence in Airport security, the boundary of the airport is heavily guarded. It features a strong fence with several layers of security implementations such as camera surveillance, patrolling crews and a proactive alarm system. 

Entering an airport just from anywhere is super difficult for anyone. Therefore, most perpetrators try to break in through the second line of defence. 


The second and most important line of defence is identity. No one without identity validation isn’t allowed to enter the airport. May it be a security professional or the passenger, screening the identity of every individual is a critical process. 

Airports around the world are trying to automate the process by introducing the computer-assisted screening. The computer will carry out a number of security checks on the individual such as biometric scan, facial recognition, ID document check and in the process, scan for harmful substances. 

Sensor-aided Checks

Once identity is checked, the security sensors kick-in. These include the X-Ray System, the CT Scan System and the Metal detector. These checks have proven really effective in keeping trouble at bay. With each passing year, these sensors are getting better at their job, finding out needles from the haystack. 

They’re an integral part of the SMS as consulted by airline consulting firms. 


After substance checks, the passengers are checked for boarding procedures. A number of prohibited items are checked, such as guns, knives, corrosives, household items, etc. Anything that can cause harm while the plane is airborne is stopped in this step. 

In the latest Airport News, all these measures will be ramped up to keep the worries of Covid19 contamination away. 

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