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Key Elements of Aviation Ground Operations

Aircraft handling services or ground operations are the nuts and bolts of the airport industry. These services consist of a variety of different specialised tasks. These tasks are combined to form an interdisciplinary organization where they’re conducted in a synchronous manner.

This represents a very broad perspective of airport handling services and the service providers. Not all of these providers work in the same market niche. In this edition of the latest airport news,we’ll cover its specific categories:

  • Service providers
  • Planners
  • Fuel supply
  • Security

Ground aircraft handling service providers

Ground handling service providers are the organizations which provide direct support to the apron. They are the contractors which bring together the expertise and materials necessary to conduct airport ground operations.

Refuelling aircraft, towing aircraft, marshalling and parking, luggage handling, and so on. Some service providers also provide line maintenance services, which entail system servicing and line maintenance items like tire and brake changes, window changes, and other routine aircraft maintenance.


The planner in the ground handling services industry, provide intelligence. They allow airport planners and air carriers to determine exactly what measures they need to increase their efficiency. This includes reducing costs, plan routes, forecast economic activity, and determine both capacity & revenue.

Fuel Suppliers

Aircraft fuel suppliers cover a lot more territory than simply trucking out gas and putting it on the aeroplane. Fuel is the lifeblood of aviation and the operation is a complex one which involves cryogenic storage, bulk fuel storage, fuel testing and sampling, and of course, aircraft refuelling.

Airport design

Airport design consultancies are a true unsung hero of the aircraft handling services industry. Unless you work in airports, you probably have never even heard of the companies yet they are the consultants who ensure that when the wheels on your jet touch down, your jet will safely decelerate without an accident.


It would take a long time to offer a completely comprehensive listing of all airport ground handling services and companies because there are so many different niches of the airport as a whole. Airports are such a unique entity because they require so many different systems and services to be in sync to provide the level of service that passengers have come to expect.

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