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Things to Consider When Hiring an Aircraft Management Company

Most privately owned planes are managed by aircraft management companies who provide the clients with all the operational services. These companies are actively involved in handling the aircraft’s maintenance and readying it for flight. 

As the owner, it can be a little difficult to verify the credibility of one company over the other and on what basis. Hence, our special coverage on choosing the right aircraft management company will help you in deciding how to go about things for your planes. 

You should take care of the following points while shortlisting the best aircraft management service providers.   

Safety Setup

Safety is by far the most important aspect. Therefore, the first step is to check the safety setup of the company and if it’s well thought out. Aviation companies use something called a Security Management System (SMS) which acts as a hub of resources for controlling the safety aspects of the client’s aircraft. 

It’s a special requirement as must be included in the company you’ll be going forward with. Apart from that, you can also cross-check if the company hasn’t violated any of the Federal Aviation Administration rules in its working tenure. 

It would be a strong highlight if the company has a security officer that could directly report to you on the status of your aircraft and takes directions for whenever you need it ready. All these little points combined should influence your decision. 

Experience and Portfolio

One key thing to note is that the company should have relevant experience in order to serve you the best. As a owner, you could be a businessman, a corporate client, a hospitality provider and so on. Does the company have enough experience in dealing with your specific requirements? If yes, then how much and how happy were its past clients. 

This can be made clear by taking a look at the company portfolio. You can request to go through the industry tie-ups and past clients that the aircraft management Service provider has had to determine its suitability. 

Specific Asks  

When we’re dealing with private planes, the schedule and speed at which the service is required is often decided by the customer. This means you could have very specific requirements such as travel only during the night, have your crew come with you and so on. 

These requirements must be discussed before signing a contract with the company. Some key considerations that plane owners usually forget to mention are;

  • Airports – depending upon your location, you could have a specific airport from which you’d take off most often, and there could be a few countable airports you’ll land to. The company must be in touch with the latest airport news and operating terms with the airports of your choice. 
  • Duty Days – you should talk about the number of duty days in a year the company really works so that you could be comfortable with the scheme of things at your ends. 
  • Fuel Discounts – the company can get you fuel discounts from the airports you’d be travelling to while your visits take place. Discuss the number of discounts available. 
  • Operating Structure – Most companies operate on contracts but that’s not necessary. You should look for the structure that works the best for you and can be discussed with your lawyer. Don’t settle for a company who might cause a glitch in the service due to the operating structure.
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